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Code of Conduct

This is very simple stuff and I should never have to say anything more on these topics as they are common sense. When and if I do have to address one of these topics it doesn't require a rebuttal on your part, but rather compliance for the greater good of the entire community. Thank you! - JT 


  1. No Politics or political commentary expressing your opinions or feelings about a party or political candidate. Keep it to stocks always. Yes, I know tweets are done that move markets and we'll cover them when they occur but the results of which we only care about the PRICE ACTION afterwards. So save the two cent remarks.

  2. Keep the language clean of the obvious profanity and innuendo. We don't need it. If you want a tapestry of profanity woven for you give me a call. I'm passionate about markets and I can be profane about it, but in the chat I keep it PG rated.

  3. Stocks. This is why you're here. We want a focused approach on the Market’s leading stocks. We want actionable information and insights. Noise and throw away comments do us no good in our efforts to stay focused. Never post just a ticker symbol as that is about the most discourteous and lazy action one can have in a chat. Put some color to why you are mentioning a stock to us. Is it setting up in a pattern on a particular time frame, new info on the industry or business, new highs, something. Myself and others take time to put some color and detail to our comments. I don't find it unreasonable to want that in return. It truly makes for better quality of posts vs quantity. I'm over quantity. Seen enough of that. Quantity breeds anxiety. We need to be cool and calm and stay focused on quality and an atmosphere that keeps us in that state of mind. 

  4.  When in doubt trust your gut and avoid the comment or reply. Operate by the Golden Rule. Do unto others as you would have done unto yourself. If you couldn’t say it to your grandmother without being embarrassed it is probably best to avoid saying it. Simple stuff people. Respect your fellow TickerMonkeys, be nice, be courteous, be humble ( we don’t need bragging and chest pounding ) , be thankful to those that are gracious enough to share what they are doing with the community. That’s really what makes the place great!

  5. Hopefully these don’t have to be expanded beyond these simple common sense rules, but obviously they may need to be and I reserve the right to do so at any time.

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